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turkish lessons

                                             photo credit: themillersofliverpool via photopin cc

turkish lessons belly dancing is a popular form of entertainment in Turkey. It is very common to find dancers performing in nightclubs and restaurants across the country . But the dancers are often hired for celebrations such as weddings , parties, shows and festivals events.

In turkish lessons, belly dancing has a long tradition that has recently become a tourist attraction. Despite its popularity these dances are still an intrinsic part of the privacy of all Turks , regardless of age or class, and in its most basic form, is a fertility dance .

In their native language, it is called " Gobek in" and always growing and changing , even today, especially when it is under the influence of different cultures turkish lessons. And the authorities are mixed in which they believe that the original dance came , some say that the Greeks and others say it is from Egypt.

In The Clubs

The art is very popular in turkish lessons and is a profitable profession for women who are advised by the men literally cast in paper money or bills stuffing their costumes. And, of course , a little known fact is that belly men. It is not uncommon for men to jump into the audience and accompany the woman on stage. Of course , this happens more often in private parties and festivals than in clubs.

Popularity Worldwide

As belly dancing is spreading across the world, enjoying a growing popularity as it hits different parts of the world. Perhaps the attraction of the dance is due to its rich heritage makes it so unique as a style of dance. Because of this heritage many people associate belly dancing in turkish lessons with religion and exoticism . And of course, it makes strong feelings about the point of view of art, some love and others despise .

The Music

In turkish lessons, the dancer is usually a well- curved woman, with strong abdominal muscles dancing on a background of traditional music. It is often accompanied by music using rhythmic movements , which are small bells used in the turkish lessons belly dance . The music is very rhythmic and dance focuses on the movement of the hips and chest . The movements are solid and organic as the dancer moves barefoot on the ground to keep in touch with the earth turkish lessons.


The rhythm of the body parts of the dancers are the main feature of this style. The dancer moves with fluid , flexible and well integrated movements that are very sensual in nature. Most movements focus on the hips and shoulders , alternating with excessive vibration and sliding movements .

Several other elements are used by dancers , which are specific to turkish lessons as snakes, swords, veils and candles.turkish lessons These elements are widely used in Turkish folk dances, and is said to have mystical powers . Use a snake in the dances come from the ancient cults and are a key symbolizing the male and female sexuality and the concept of immortality turkish lessons.