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learning danish

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Learning danish can not be on anyone 's short list of new frontiers , but since joining the European Union , it is slowly gaining reputation as a land of opportunity . The country has been identified as the "most happy " on earth ( no offense to a famous amusement park ) and for good reason . It is a place where corruption is virtually nonexistent. This is where people can do walks, thanks to the low crime rate . This is also where the positive irradiation work , thanks to the good humor of the Danish people and free-spirited attitude . These features make it more tourist and investor countries . With this in mind, we can safely say that learning Danish is to obtain greater benefits.
learning danish
People learning danish have different reasons for learning the language well : school, updated resume , business, travel or old fun . If you wish to learn Danish , some of the aspects that you should be familiar with are the alphabet ,learning danish use of pronouns , such as gender grammar and verbs , vocabulary and pronunciation.

The Danish alphabet

It is relatively easy to learn Danish, Danish alphabet is written that the Roman alphabet , so it is not necessary to work in intense sessions on memorizing characters. However, there are three additional letters , and learning danish. These letters are also found in the Norwegian alphabet .

Some pronunciation tips : the sound of short e , like letters or an egg also pronounced anywhere near the sound or sound is pronounced i short , as thirst or little, finally , the sound is pronounced with the sound or, as in the cable or treasure . If you meet the character text with AA , relax as it is pronounced the same way as it is. Was supposedly replaced by the full, but we are still some Danish text is because it was not until 1948 that the movement to learning danish replace the character was presented . Depending on the region, but because some places like Aalborg and Aabenraa still use (surprise , surprise) a character.
learning danish

Pronouns are used in almost all languages ​​, but in learning danish , there are some nuances in their use. There pronouns "educated " as they , used at the registered office , even though it has been largely abandoned - a trend that has its roots in the 1960s . Now and dignity (Address casual ) is widely used in conversation. Keep this in mind when you are planning to set up a business in the region.


Learning danish There are only two sexes in the Danish language : common and neuter. However, more than three quarters of common nouns have gender . Note that when using adjectives must agree not only with the pronoun , but also sex . For neutral nouns , add " t " in the word . For plural nouns , add an "e " word . The only way to become familiar with the genre is building your vocabulary.
learning danish

The learning danish verbs control is very easy but you have to practice regularly to be as familiar as possible. Add ' r ' now . There are, however , two groups for treatment of last time . With the first group of verbs , you must add " ede " if it is past,learning danish " and" if you are in the perfect gift . For the second group , add "you" in time and " t" for the perfect gift . By denial, all you have to do is add the word " ikke " after the verb , if in simple language the past, placed after auxiliary verbs learning danish ( a, a, be in English and Danish har ) if at the present perfect tense .


Pronunciation can also be complicated . What learning danish makes it particularly more difficult than normal , is that while many consonants are pronounced the same way as it does in English, there are sounds that skills need "special" , such as r sound when it is needed to produce the support the roof of your mouth, but from the depths of the tonsils . It may be a learning danishmouthful,learning danish and does not look like you're talking with your mouth full . Serious students may also want to work on the glottal stop . Can be widely used in most areas ,learning danish but mastering it can take a bit of Danish -ness for good Danish. There is a glottal stop is that the action that runs when you try to draw a card blank speech muscles . You need to work on the audio , visual and perhaps some of the position of the mouth or lip learn how.


Finally , you need to work on your vocabulary. This will give you confidence as a good range of vocabulary will get rid of the guesswork - to - to say the least . Danish is mostly a few words , but words can merge and form new words ,learning danish as in English compound word ,learning danish but a large scale. Up to three words can be combined. As a result, the vocabulary Danish brand has reached 000 200 .

Work on specific sounds and Danes and pay attention to the words that may appear similar , but with a different syllable stress . From cognates can do wonders for your confidence and motivation , but you have to be careful too . Abstrak words (abstract ) Arkitek ( architect ) and enthusiastic ( enthusiasm ) are learning danish pronounced differently. There are also false learning danishfriends as leverage . It can be translated as the liver, which is correct , but the term can also mean " live " when expressed in a particular way . Another example is the word "art " which is Danish gender, class or type.

Danes can not be very high on the list of beautiful language but it certainly has its charm. Add that to learning danish , they can be a success you can be proud . It would also be great to be able to use it in a conversation with an impressive people . Just take note of these aspects of the language and work with all the resources you can get your hands on - the audio , books , online forums , software, and - not a regular practice and soon find yourself saying Godmorgen and Hvordan har det in good learning danish.